How to Make Privacy Policy for Blog

If you are a blogger or a business then you must have a privacy policy page on your blog to be safe from lawsuits. Google also consider it as an important factor and that’s why for Adsense approval for your blog you need a privacy policy page published on your blog.

As google care about customers and before Adsense approval of any blog google ensure that website owner disclosed for what purpose he will use the data collected from his visitors.

Today we will see what is the importance of privacy policy page on your blog. Let’s check out blog privacy policy guide to make privacy policy.

blog privacy policy guide

Blog Privacy Policy Guide

What is Privacy Policy

Privacy policy is a kind of legal document or statement that explains how blog/organization will handle the information collected from his visitors, clients or customers.

Why do we need a Privacy Policy

Build Trust

Privacy policy declaration makes a transparent environment on the internet. A privacy policy tells our visitors that what information we are collecting and for what purpose we will use that information. This declaration makes a sense of faith in our visitors.

Customers and visitors are so worried about their personal information may be sold for marketing purpose. They are worried about a lot of spam phone calls and emails may lend to their inbox.

Therefore by telling users that their personal information will not be misused you make yourself an authentic business.

Protect from Legal Action

Privacy policy declares how and what information collected by you and any third party ads or affiliate networks. It declares how this information will be used and therefore protects you from any legal action.

Privacy Policy Laws

There are some associated laws about privacy policy in US and UK that may affect your website if you misuse visitors personal data. There are laws like CalOPPA (California Online Privacy Protection Act), COPPA (Children Online Privacy Protection Act) and CAN SPAM Act.

CalOPPA is California Online Privacy Protection Act under which you declare if someone visits your site from California they be provided with a detailed privacy policy.

COPPA is Children Online Privacy Protection Act enforced by Federal Trade Commission, United States.  This declares that your whether your website is targeted to children under 13 or not and what information you collect from them.

COPPA declaration may protect your Adsense account.  Adsense allows 18+ ads (related to gambling, betting) but Adsense wants a declaration that your website content is not targeted to children under 13.

CAN SPAM Act is to protect the customer from spam practices by website owners. This law enforces physical address of business should be declared. And there should be email opt-out option in every email sent by a website.

How to Make Privacy Policy for Website

You can use free privacy policy websites to make a privacy policy for your website. On these websites you have to fill your website or App information. You have to tell for what purpose you make the website, what, how and why you want to collect information.

How you will protect information whether you are Payment Card Industry(PCI) complaints or not? Do you run a malware scan and whether you have SSL certificate to protect information or not?

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