How to Add Contact Form in WordPress – Contact Form 7 Plugin Tutorial

how to add contact form in wordpress

Are you looking to add a contact form in WordPress blog? I will explain how to add contact form in WordPress website.

But before that let me explain why you need a contact form.

  • A contact form is a primary method to contact a blog owner.
  • It shows the authenticity of the blog.
  • It stops spam emails. By putting email on contact page allow spam bots to find your email address and send spam emails.
  • Contact forms are more user-friendly. They provide a convenient method to contact you rather than using their email account for sending an email.
  • With a contact form, you can ask for a particular information from the user and direct user to your landing page.

how to add contact form in wordpress

As we want to learn how to add contact form in WordPress blog, it is very easy with the help of WordPress plugins.

Want to Start a Free Blog: Guide on How to Start a Free Blog

But finding the right plugin may be a tedious task for you. In this tutorial, we will add contact form using one of the Most popular WordPress contact form plugin i.e. contact form 7.

How to Add Contact Form in WordPress using Contact Form 7 WordPress Plugin

Contact form 7 is one of the most popular WordPress contact form plugin. It has 1 million plus active installation and very good star rating.

This plugin is developed by Takayuki Miyoshi. This plugin is updated regularly and compatible with the latest WordPress installation.

How to Add Contact Form 7 in WordPress

Step 1 

Log in to your WordPress dashboard and go to Plugins -> Add New and search for contact form 7. Click on Install Now button.

contact form 7 wordpress plugin

Now click on Activate button to activate the plugin.

contact form 7 wordpress tutorial

Step 2

When contact form 7 plugin will be installed a contact tab will be shown. Click on the Contact tab. If there is default contact form 1 you can edit this form by scrolling over contact form 1. You can use this form on contact us page.

contact form 7 demo

Step 3

Click on Edit and a form will appear. This default form will add all necessary fields like Name, Email, Subject and Message boxes with the Send button. You can edit this form and add new custom fields as per your requirement.

how to edit contact form 7

You can change email address on which you want to receive emails in Mail tab.

contact form 7 mail settings

In Messages field you can edit messages you want to display after successful form submission or failure.

Contact form 7 custom messages

Save this form and copy contact form 7 shortcode.

contact form 7 shortcode

Step 4

Add a Contact us page from Pages tab. Go to Pages -> Add New. Paste the shortcode on this page. Click on Publish to make this page live.

how to use contact form 7

Your Contact Us page will look like this.

add contact page to wordpress

That’s Done. Your contact us page has been set up using contact form 7 plugin.

Sometimes contact form 7 plugin may not work and if WordPress contact form 7 not sending email you should try these solutions. 

In this case, you may get an error message like this “There was an error trying to send your message. Please try again later.”

Solution 1

Here you have to change the email address in From Field “[your-name] <[email protected]>” with “[your-name] <[email protected]>” (Same address filled in ‘To’ field).

wordpress contact form 7 not working

In my case, this problem occurs because my hosting provider says

“This is a security feature implemented to avoid Email Spoofing.”


“As per server policy, it is required for you to register the email address if you are using it in your website to send emails through mail scripts or it is used by plugins.”

You may also see a message in cpanel

wordpress contact form not sending email hostgator hosting

Solution 2

To solve this issue you have to add or register the email address on Cpanel – Email – Registered Email ID’s.

So if you don’t want to change “[email protected]” email address you have to add this email address to Registered Email ID’s.

registered mail ids option

You can add WordPress and select your domain from drop-down list. Click on Submit button.

for sending mails via scripts

With this update contact form 7 will send email perfectly to your email address. This solution is better for all type of conversations between WordPress software and your email address.

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How to Start a Free Blog on Different Blogging Platforms

how to start a free blog

If you are thinking about starting a free blog you are at right place. In this guide, I will show you how to start a free blog on various most popular blogging platforms.

how to start a free blog

I think you want to start a blog because you want to make an identity on the internet or want to help people or you may want to become a writer or want to grow your business with blogging or you want to earn an income by blogging.

If you just want to test it and check how it works you can start with free blogging platforms but if you are serious about blogging and want to earn a living from blogging you should not go to this free path.

In future, I will bring a complete guide on how to make a blog.

There are a lot of blogging platforms available but some of them are most popular and easiest blogging platform like is the property of Google and you can make a free blog which will be but if you buy a domain which is pretty cheaper these days your blog will be

If you make a free blog on which is run by automatic your blog name will be

What are Advantages and Disadvantages of Free Blog

To make a professional blog you need a domain name and hosting, fortunately, both blogger and offer free hosting.

Blogger offers totally free hosting while has paid plans too.

If you use you can monetize your content only by Google Adsense and that is totally free.

But if you want to monetize your content using you have to choose a premium plan. But in this option, you have the option to monetize by any ad network along with Google Adsense.

If we talk about domain name than these two platforms do not offer free domain while they provide a free subdomain on their own domain.

There is no such disadvantage of using these two platforms if you want to practice. But if you are looking to make an income you should buy a domain.

The domain you buy will be yours if you have paid annual fee for the domain and if you become successful to make it a brand you can further resell it at a profit.

There are some advantages of paid hosting over free hosting. Let’s check out how to start a free blog and master the art of blogging.

How to Start a Free Blog

How to Create a Blog on Blogger

To start a blog on (or you simply need a Gmail account. If you have a Gmail account you can use to login to

If you don’t have Gmail account simply create a Gmail account and use it to log in to your blogger account.

I created a video on this watch it and if you want to read it continue reading, below this video :

Step 1

Go to and click on Create your Blog.

how to create a blog on blogger

Enter your Gmail id and password to log in to Blogger. Then click on create new blog.

Step 2

Enter Title for your blog, Blog URL if that is available and Choose Theme for the blog. Now click on Create Blog. themes

Step 3

Click on Post to create a new post and similarly, you can add pages from pages tab.

how to create new post on blogger

how to create new page on blogger

Step 4

If you want to change header image and favicon image select layout option. Using this option you can add more gadgets like Popular Posts, Blog Search options and click on save arrangement.

blogger layout options

How to Create a Blog on

To start a blog on you will have to create an account with WordPress. It is very simple you have to enter your email id, username and desired password.

I created a detailed video on this. Watch this video or continue reading, below this video:

Step  1

Go to and click on Get Started

how to create a blog on

Step 2

Choose what type of property you want to create, we will click on Start with a blog

wordpress blog

Step 3

Enter name of WordPress blog

wordpress blog name

Step 4

Choose Free and click on start with free hosting plans

Step 5

Enter your email address and password or continue with google

email and password

Step 6

Now your blog is ready and to make changes to your blog click on my site. You can change the theme from theme menu.

wordpress themes

Step 7

You can add the new blog post and new pages from these menus.

wordpress blog post pages

Step 8

You can customize WordPress themes from customize button

how to customize blog

By using and you can create a free blog easily.

If you have any query feel on how to start a free blog free to ask me. You can connect with me on my youtube channel.

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How to Make Privacy Policy for Blog

blog privacy policy guide

If you are a blogger or a business then you must have a privacy policy page on your blog to be safe from lawsuits. Google also consider it as an important factor and that’s why for Adsense approval for your blog you need a privacy policy page published on your blog.

As google care about customers and before Adsense approval of any blog google ensure that website owner disclosed for what purpose he will use the data collected from his visitors.

Today we will see what is the importance of privacy policy page on your blog. Let’s check out blog privacy policy guide to make privacy policy.

blog privacy policy guide

Blog Privacy Policy Guide

What is Privacy Policy

Privacy policy is a kind of legal document or statement that explains how blog/organization will handle the information collected from his visitors, clients or customers.

Why do we need a Privacy Policy

Build Trust

Privacy policy declaration makes a transparent environment on the internet. A privacy policy tells our visitors that what information we are collecting and for what purpose we will use that information. This declaration makes a sense of faith in our visitors.

Customers and visitors are so worried about their personal information may be sold for marketing purpose. They are worried about a lot of spam phone calls and emails may lend to their inbox.

Therefore by telling users that their personal information will not be misused you make yourself an authentic business.

Protect from Legal Action

Privacy policy declares how and what information collected by you and any third party ads or affiliate networks. It declares how this information will be used and therefore protects you from any legal action.

Privacy Policy Laws

There are some associated laws about privacy policy in US and UK that may affect your website if you misuse visitors personal data. There are laws like CalOPPA (California Online Privacy Protection Act), COPPA (Children Online Privacy Protection Act) and CAN SPAM Act.

CalOPPA is California Online Privacy Protection Act under which you declare if someone visits your site from California they be provided with a detailed privacy policy.

COPPA is Children Online Privacy Protection Act enforced by Federal Trade Commission, United States.  This declares that your whether your website is targeted to children under 13 or not and what information you collect from them.

COPPA declaration may protect your Adsense account.  Adsense allows 18+ ads (related to gambling, betting) but Adsense wants a declaration that your website content is not targeted to children under 13.

CAN SPAM Act is to protect the customer from spam practices by website owners. This law enforces physical address of business should be declared. And there should be email opt-out option in every email sent by a website.

How to Make Privacy Policy for Website

You can use free privacy policy websites to make a privacy policy for your website. On these websites you have to fill your website or App information. You have to tell for what purpose you make the website, what, how and why you want to collect information.

How you will protect information whether you are Payment Card Industry(PCI) complaints or not? Do you run a malware scan and whether you have SSL certificate to protect information or not?

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If you have any query about blog privacy policy guide you can ask questions in the comment box below.